Looking the People Around,

Being away from home is like a survival game show we watch, to be outside your comfort zone is just a matter of surviving on the right place and with right people. Walking to the wrong clique, kills. I see my course-mates turning into monsters. I bet they're going through a culture shock, but the problem here is, we are all young adults....we are very aware of the values in life?; a collective idea of right and wrong, good and bad, but why? Why waste time, we have a future ahead. 

What I've learnt along my growing up process, everything we desire will eventually come. Only time will tell. To take a little example, when I was younger, my parents used to be immensely strict about my social life. I can't go out with my friends that frequent, I am told to stay home but after school ended, I am a free bird. I will just be informing mom where I'm heading to and she never asks nor stop me from going. The freedom. 

The clue here is, we all should act how we are supposed to be, baby steps. Why rush things? I know the feeling of massive urge rooting inside our system, however at the end of the day, it will only destroy you. I'm pissed, simply because I found out one of my classmates was at the club, raving around. I know I am no one to her, I know "hey life is too short to be serious" I know, everyone is different. But, just take a minute and think, what if something bad happens? I am taught to think the  bad effects instead of the positive reviews, my father is a pessimist, howbeit it teaches me to be caution. The world is not as safe as it seems, especially being girls with a vagina, calamity may occur...mostly when the moon is shimmering in the sky, fenced by the stars. 

People comes in various type, we don't know them. To actually be true to yourself is momentously an achievement.