Meeting Someone,


I'm not sure how one describe themselves as using others. The term is very subjective, like myself I scarcely ask help from my friends especially when it comes to driving me somewhere. I feel like I'm ''using'' them, but I only wanted a favour, since I'm not capable to drive, just yet. However, my friends are just wonderful!! Can't be happier just to have them in my life. 

Today was such an interesting day, I have no idea why but I've been all rosy since afternoon. I feel like a blooming flower. After class today, I had a short hang out session with my classmate Kom, he's this witty dude I crack with the whole time. We were talking and he told me about his hostel mate who said I'm pretty...well he did approached me yesterday so yeah, I'm sort of euphoric about it. Can't put my head off him, honestly I'm not into guys lately, but this dude is making me blush. 

I'm missing my good friend Luke, we've been skyping lately and he is such a great companion. I can't tell how much love I have for him. He is a wondrous person who makes dumb jokes. I remember hanging around with him and his clique after class last year, it was massively memorable and to cherish for. Can I just get there again? Back to 2014, a remarkable year of mine.