Remaining the love,

Huda Sahrom they say. 

Upon my transition to Lendu, I've been missing a lot of fun at home, for example my favourite foods. Indeed, I am craving for a 6 ft long sandwich from Subway, a whole bunch of pasta, some fresh tomatoes, scrabble eggs and some baked beans. I'm honestly hungry right now, well in the same time, I am also longing my friends, especially my best friend, Huda. We have been friends since primary school, she owns a special spot in my heart. Too bad we scarcely see each other due to our current living phase. So, Huda, if you're reading this,

  I miss you girl. I know I'm not as busy as you. my schedule is not as hectic as yours, but I have a life here too. However, to forget you is a not. A never, love.