Take Me Like a Vitamin,


A refreshing day it is as I have all my classes cancelled for the whole day. I woke up at noon and started functioning a later or so. Met a bunch of my friends and also did some revision due to morrow's pop quiz. Such a tiring day to be frank, well I finished my evening with my good friend Hannah and also walked a lot. Especially up the hills, it was exhausting yet self-satisfying. I am happy. 

What happened today? 

I was touched when my very good friend told me he misses me. It's very rare to have a guy to say so, except for if we are sharing this strong amity between each other, then that's alright but to be someone indecisive in his living state, I was astound and majorly exhilarated to receive the text message. The best part is when we're planning out for a little lunch date when we both get home in SAC. I'm psyched!! (even though I am not sure when I'm coming home, but I'm really looking forward to it) The last time we went out dating was like 3 months ago. 

I am missing my family so badly, homesick sucks. I'm not lured to be home, however I feel like I am solicited to actually feel like being home. The warm feeling I figure. I had a petty feud with my brother before I left. I told him I regretted everything we had, simply because he was being all bitchy and I was in rage...so yeah due to my egos, I just lost my shoulder to cry on. I do want to call him out, sharing the juicy gossips and my progress on shedding off my weights but yeah I'm very particular with my words. 

A few months ago, I had a dreadful time forgetting my past "lover" 
Before, I felt like he was the world to me, I can't live without him. Howbeit, we reunited (as in we had a reunion??) last two weeks and I realise that things are alright WITHOUT him. No doubt, longing him is something I can't deny...but after awhile it made me think (rationally) that I don't need him anymore. The moment he left me hanging, it was the start of something new. Girls out there, moving on is hard. Letting go is tough, but at the end things go the way we never expect, hence live your life and don't hold on to someone too much.