Adam Eve, Part 1

My little sister just got her menstruation and when she told me I was astound?

I was brought up to memory lane when I first had my period, it was the dumbest moment ever. It was bloody and shitty however, as the years passes, menstruation can actually be a girl's best friend. It's a natural phenomenon where all girls should go through, wearing a pad, washing it, wrapping it and dumping it. It's an exhilarating experience for every living organism with a vagina. 

Hello, sorry for the inappropriate intro. I figure it's alright to share a sensitive yet amusing topic about the nature of being a woman. Humans are foremost the wondrous creations for the Lord ever made. Even the devils, demons and genies from heaven were sent to hell due to their boastful acts towards us. I'm not kidding, it's all written in the Holy Quran. Thus, make time and try going through the Quran. It's somehow like God's personal journal and it's being gifted to us to learn about the universe. Interesting, all my life the only thing I'm keen to hear about is on how Adam and Eve were created, and on how they were tossed out from heaven and how they survived on earth, and on how we all are here continuing the human legacy, with more advanced and brilliantly (not really) Humans these days are imbeciles, they can't think. 

When I was younger, my grandfather used to tell me bedtime stories. Every night, it would be a different yet archaic tale. It's always exciting, howbeit as I aged up, the bond is quite a distance and granddad is nothing but a puny old man, saddens me to see him. He was a strong man, to love him is actually a great gift from the Lord. 

He once told me about the legendary tale of Adam and Eve, even till this point in life, I am still learning about the tale (more focused) As we all know before humans were created, there were just animals and plants on earth. Angels and Demons were God's only servants. They were loyal, obedient but they never had urges, desires and lures. They're neutral, they're very boring (in my kinda term) I'm not sure about demons whether they own desires or not but they're pretty much like us (?) 

As one day, the lord had decided to create Adam. He asked his main favourite tasked angel which was Jibrail to find 7 types of soil from earth and He created Adam. Adam was the first human being ever created, and he was the best ,simply because he was the first. As they all say the first are always the best ( did I just twist my sentence) Adam was somehow special to God, (so as us all) due to our intricate body system, our beauty of looks. Just find time and look at yourself, on how delicate God had made us all! We are allure creatures. 

As a recognition/welcoming greet of Adam to the other servants, everyone was required to bow and show respect to Adam. However, demons were immensely against it as they are made from fire and we are made from soil. Which is true? I don't really blame demons for their acts but as a servant of God, the tribe should be obedient. Due to their balky decision, all of them were sent to Hell. Devastatingly they vowed to God to mislead all of Adam's generation till doomsday. Until now on, the demons are around us. Luring us to do malice followed by our desires, things get bad. I'm sorry for the demons to be frank, they're actually nice creatures, but boast and arrogance took them away.