Being Yourself,

It's never easy to convey the society for who you are, I honestly feel left out at times. 

Am I the only person who finds things so differ and eccentric? 

Am I the only person who finds wry smiles attractive? I don't smile when I'm walking alone. People might think I'm a snobbish hoe just for my looks. On the way I walk as well, however I'm proud of it...there is nothing to change because I'm being myself. It feels wondrous to be in your own skin. 

I finally found someone like myself and he is in a complete same state as I am. A loner with a mind of art. He even said I'm one of kind, which awes me inside. I have no idea why but I feel like I can relate to him spiritually. He is such an interesting person. 

For the past few days, I've been feeling highly low about myself. No doubts, my life is probably the most leisured out of everyone, I am coping with my studies pretty well, my parents are friends are doing just fine, as I can remember. I am such a problem-less person. The only problem coming is me, creating things that aren't supposed to occur. It's normal I guess to find a little chaos in life. I feel like a plain canvas, I need some colours painted out. Not exactly, I'm pretty fine with my current life. 

Don't deny this, but I do think I'm mildly bipolar (?) 

I have mixed feelings the whole time and my thoughts on everything are mostly neutral. I find things solvable. There is always a solution to a hassle. I'm thinking of dying my hair grey, it's not a complete grey but somehow like a combination of white and grey and a little bit of green huh? Bizarre, but seems fun. Patiently waiting for my hair to grow longer. Can't wait to be 21, going to hit the clubs, drive around the city at late nights just to have McDonald's, and maybe start doing charity. The world needs it.