Exploring allure,

Earlier the semester, I was assigned to define a favourite song of mine. Being the typical me, I didn't care what/who my audiences were, I was only about self-impressing. I chose my all time favourite song by Lana Del Rey which was Video Games. I fell in love the song when I first heard it and probably a part of the lyrics as well. It's an exquisite song I can relate to. It killed me inside to sing it in class, in front of everyone including my lecturer. To exploit the meaning, based on my personal understanding was tough. There was like  this Lana fever where I sang the song for days and  even cried the night before the presentation, sucks. 

(A tale of a broken love)

Swinging in the backyard,
Pull up in your fast car,
Whistling my name,

Open up a beer,
And you say "get over here"
And play a video game

I'm in his my favourite sundress, 
Watching me get undress, 
Take that body downtown, 

I say you're the bestest, 
Lean in for a big kiss,
Put his favourite perfume on,
Go play play a video game. 

It's you, it's you, it's all for you,
Everything I do, 
I tell you all the time,
Heaven is a place on earth with you,
Tell me all the things you want to do, 
I heard that you like the bad girls honey, 
Is that true?

It's better than I ever even knew, 
They say that the world was built for two, 
Only worth living if somebody, is loving you
Baby now you do. 

"A loner who is filled with thoughts, till one day a beautiful lad showed up and changed her life completely. She turned to new things in life, making changes to herself. Trying out things she was never a fan of, making it a part of her. She figured he was everything to her. She changed, she tried, even put his favourite perfume on. Howbeit, he left without a sign nor a note of goodbye. 

As the time passes, she realised that it has been always him, the whole entire time. She lured the emptiness, the sorrow knowing that being together is what she only desires. Miserably longing him, she starts questioning herself on her blame to take. As the world is made with pairs, she kept her hopes sealed inside." 

(Interpretation based on my love tale)