Forming adulation,

It's true when they say love kills, it doesn't just hurt someone, it literally takes away a part of them as well.
Hello, greeting from the grim. How are you guys? I've been alright, except for the failed grammar test today, I am beyond disappointed with myself...besides missing home, I am also psyched about my final exam. The schedule is out hence major preparations should be held, I need to ease this! Dean here I come. 

I lost myself a few days ago, maybe I was too caught into my own grief till I forgot the fact that I still have massive responsibilities and commitments towards living. I have goals to achieve and to be sad, is just a waste of time. However, deep inside I do feel a part of me, disappearing. It's the part where I am not able to love anymore. 

I was bored earlier, so I watch The Hobbit. I am not a fan of fiction movies, but Hobbit is acceptable. I was watching the last chapter, which was The Battle of the Five Armies and I was actually crying because Thorin died. The only reason watching was because of Legolas the elf, howbeit my attention went straight to Tauriel, the female elf. She was devastated to the fact that her lover Kili died and she stated that to love someone is a great pain and she wishes to cast that feeling away...Love hurts people, a lot. It changes one, from something to nothing. It's a calamity that brings damage. 

Speaking of damage, I am somehow in rage..with my own good friend. She's close with me but I found out that she just broke up with her faithful loving boyfriend, and currently dating someone else. It pisses me off because she was a jerk to that dude, we're schoolmates by the way. To find out, that she left him for another guy is saddening and when she's denying it, it's somehow disgusting to me. I don't mind she's seeing someone else but at least hint me, spare me with some clues...but she didn't. She denied it and the truth came out after everyone pressured her. She admitted? 

It's casually annoying and I don't like hypocrites. Be clear to me, come clean. Hiding is optional, but when it's vivid and when I share things with her, it should flows both ways don't you think? Another solid reason to not trust a decent looking lass.