Good for you,

I am foremost the saddest person on earth today. Besides getting my only class of the day cancelled, I was brought up with a painful truth. In my vulnerable state I have no one to talk to, except for myself. No shoulder to cry on, no comfort, no one. I only have Lana's songs to wipe my tears away.

After 8 months of waiting, I finally got my closure.

The epic ending of my love life stopped this morning, and I realise that it's gone, for real. Admiring and reminiscing the past, it came to the point where everything just broke me apart. It's been a while since I cried this hard. The last time was on 3rd December (the night of the parting) I remember watching The Great Gatsby to spice up the whole grief...

The thing that made me moved forward is when I am learning to accept the fact why he or maybe I left him (?) We were young and I'm getting along with my luck/destiny/fate (?). After crying and screaming alone, I got myself sleeping in pain. As the usual, waking up after a long cry is irritating, by that I mean my eyes were puffy and I scarcely see anyone. 

Later that day, my good friend Dan called me up and invited me for a little tennis game. No matter it's just a casual invitation, I became the happiest person alive. We played tennis the whole evening, tagging along my other good mates. Jack was there as well, plus it's his birthday today (!)  I had the most wonderful time today with them, they were so nice to me and they treated me so well. I felt appreciated, as much as I love them. 

Being here is indeed a new living phase, I should really let the past go...for good.