Gratitude To My Creator,

Everyone is different, we go through a different progress in life and being grouped in the same category. However, we all experience differ moments, depends on each individuals. I had my times as well, my ups and downs. The feeling of giving up, the feeling of immense elation. I went through some parts of life, but it wasn't a hassle to hate on. Not as much as others but as a young adult, life has been massively genuine to me. I have a wonderful family who loves me, a bunch of friends who are just wondrous and my cute housemates I love. I'm happy. 

For the past few months, I discovered that life is simply beautiful. I never hated every inch of moment I been through. I disliked it but at the end, it was something to cherish in my older days. The heart breaks, the bad days I had was woeful but at the end of the day, everything is a lesson to be learnt. I can never thank the lord for everything he planned for me. My life has been pretty fair, even though I do feel betrayed with my fate, however re-thinking it back, it's a masterpiece. 

I appreciate people, I'm gullible when it comes to good manners. When one approaches me with warm hugs, I will immediately lend them my trust (which is bad) My Lord named Allah is such a wondrous creator. Every time good things happen to me, I have no idea how to thank Him. Indeed, I can only communicate with him through my prayers, but I want to do more. I want to run into his arms and give him a bone crushing hug. Tell him how much colour he painted in my life and I'm massively thankful for it. Every bit of it.