In my previous post, I stated that I'm an A-class hoe, well to not get any misunderstanding, the term means different to me. Only my friends and I completely understand the term we are using. Forgetting you readers are not my close friends, I bet you guys had thought wrong about me. Massively, so ease your mind and listen up. 

A hoe means a long handled gardening tool, with a metal blade. Besides, it also means a prostitute?? (according to google?????!!) Howbeit, my point of view, a hoe is someone who fucks around with one feelings. I am called a hoe by my friends and family simply because I hang around with guys a lot. Truth to be told, I have more guy friends instead of girls, yikes. I just don't fit in the girly part of people..I'm very calm and snobbish looking. Girls are intimidated to approach me and I find girls annoying and plastic. Only some type of girls could accept me, such as my best friends, my mom, my housemates. Just a part of them. 

An A class hoe, however means a high standard classed "hoe" I have my limits, the barrier I set on how I want people to perceive me. I don't chase guys, I still want flowers every year as a birthday gift. Make sure it's white but no roses. I'm still the classical girl who wants to be loved, and cherish sigh but no sweet talks. Disgusts me, I prefer cynical talks. So, please don't get me wrong. It's my blame to take as well, I constantly assume that everyone knows what/who I really am. 

Back to my main agenda, 

All this while, I've been sharing this strong bond with my housemates. I love them as much as I love my best friends, unfortunate some of them somehow despaired me last night. She's been acting all bitchy and her words are somehow offensive. As for me, I scarcely get offended, hence when I do, she must have crossed the boarder line. I'm pissed at her, but it's zero worth to tell her. She's stubborn and she thinks she's too good for the world...I'm tired of comforting myself, saying that it's alright. As the usual, I will be distancing myself. I don't do feud, due to my horrendous sarcasms and when I speak, calamity may occur. They might have a slight hurdle to obliterate it. It's better for me to stay put. 

Lately, I've been close with my housemate, her name is Hannan. We were school mates but we didn't connect that time around due to my "hoeiness" she started to have hate for me, I was fooling with one of her good friend. Hey! it was the past. As we were told, the world is a complete petite place to run, who wondered at the end she's my shoulder to cry on and my laughing stock. I used to avoid her because she seems to hate me and look at us now. She's massively kind, even though she's a little bit balky but it's her. There is no certain changes should be made, she's Hannan. 

I trust people easily, I lend them trust like books at the library. Only because I have no bad intention for people, I think everyone's nice, but it's not how the world works. Being too kind makes you weak, people step on you, they don't appreciate the trust. They break it, they destroy it.