Jack's Open House

Jack is my classmate, a month ago we had this crazy class meeting and I found out he looked exactly like my all time crush; Jack Dawson from Titanic but with an Asian twist. It's not his looks but the way he is, his hair, his posture reminisce me of my beloved Jack Dawson. Since then we clicked and I became his Rose. We are not real lovers, but we share this strong amity with no string attached. We are more like this fake couple that goes around looking all lovey dovey. Truth to be told, we are just two good friends who studies together. 

I'm in Malacca and his house is in Senawang, Seremban. We rented a car and he drove us to his house. It was a fun 30 minutes road trip, I had my other classmates along, so the whole journey was havoc!! They were singing and cracking dumb jokes. It was something cherish-able. 

As we arrived, I was bloody astound. He freaking lives in a villa, it is a beautiful place. I was somehow awed by it, the interior design was also vintage (awes me even more) I am loving it, wished I could stay longer but I felt like going home. We were served with scrumptious delicacies and a generous amount of hospitality. Jack's mom is an exquisite person, she was so warm and soft spoken (?) just like Jack. She was so welcoming when we arrived, and for Jack he was so adorable for being the youngest in the family. I'm in love! 

I was exhilarated to see so much food on the table, I even went off my diet, but I was also controlling myself. Self-control dominates. To actually binge is not my thing anymore, I learnt my lesson and I've been starving all week. To literally binge is a no no. I honestly love it there, the villa was spacious and very calming. I had most of the time sitting alone...which was da boom! Such a loner...