Last love kisses,

I hate cats; they're furry and ew go away.

It feels like a blogging night, I feel like typing down every shit that is running through my mind, probably the interesting things to ever occur in my boring life. 

I am such a dull person, everyday waking up to a mourning mother and a whole bunch of chores. A hint of riot by my siblings and some casual social networking, I'm lifeless (not exactly, but comparing myself to other teenagers, I'm loosing the game) 

So, the best thing to ever happen in my life is to have insomnia. I can't sleep for quite a while, till one night I slept as hush as a baby. It was because of a wonderful lad I can never repress (kidding, I'm getting over him) Howbeit, deep inside, he will always be my favourite lover. As I constantly say, a first love never dies. 

Eventually, I had a crush on this hunk named ( i can't tell) He is a mysterious person, full of disguise and evidently indecisive. However, he intrigues me to love him more than I should have. All my life, I've been the underdog, the mild puppy. I'm always in between, stuck up in two mild situations. Fortunate for me, I was keen with the life I had. This holy guy I'm deeply in love was my summer, the whole year. I remember stalking him like hell, and still not believing he exist.  He is beautiful, I love him. Till this stage in life, I am still looking for someone like him. However, I'm too tired and lazy.

Too bad for both of us, we didn't last. We parted after high school and it was rough (for me) he was alright and is still happy with his current lover, I guess. I was in despair for quite a while but I realise that it's time to move on and let things go. Our relationship between each other is still on, we're friends which makes it super awkward but we learn from our mistakes and I sure did. 

Frankly, he is foremost the best thing to ever happen in my life and when one asks me what elates me the most, it will definitely goes to him. He used to make me the happiest person alive. To find a replacement.. is hard. I tried after the parting, but we didn't make it maybe I was just done with guys. I don't think I want to love again, it hurts.