Mental Thoughts,


It's 2 am in the morning and I have an incomplete assignment to be due by morrow morning. The urge to do so is not coming (just yet) College life is indeed hectic, I mean besides studying, we have college activities as well, which I find disturbing but it's a once in a life time kinda thing, thus I'm going through everything positively. Looking it at the bright side. Plus, I'm not alone in this, the whole batch is tagged along. 

I had a petty breakdown last night, it was at 4 am to be exact. I was immensely devastated. Only because I found out the candy of my eye has a girlfriend and he is loving her. Deeply in love, I can tell. As a lady, and also an A-class hoe, I'm taking my pride aback to give in. Let him be happy with his girlfriend and let me be happy with my current life. Current life interest; get the dean title and lose more weight. "I'm such a boring person." 

I texted my dad a simple love note, but I was left with no replies. Told my mom how much I miss her and she's like "i miss u too dear" Frankly, I'm missing home. To the extend eating mends the ache away. I've been starving for a week, and when I binge today and also yesterday, I felt pretty bad...the awful feeling builds inside me like a little fetus, whoa. 

At times, I do feel like I have a split personality between myself and the society. I fond being alone, but sometimes, I do love a little comfort of company from my surroundings. I can be this mean-looking-snobbish-person, however at the end of the story, I am the friendliest person in town. It's always a good thing to not judge a book by it's cover. The cover may look dusty/archaic but try looking inside, go through deeper.