Miss drag queen,

Hi, how are you guys doing? I'm doing just fine here if you people are wondering. Except for the massive sleeping I had today, I reckon that as a malice. Wasted my Saturday in bed, I slept thrice today which is an astonishment I didn't expect. 

It's week 7 for me to be here, another 7 weeks and goodbye first semester. Frankly speaking, it has been the fastest studying progress I've ever encounter. I will be having my finals by the end of September followed by 2 months of break. Hello driving license... Can't wait to drive myself to the gym, get healthy groceries and most of all, transiting into a new phase of life. 

I'm pretty bumped lately, my viking spirit is getting back to it's lower point. I'm starting to feel unmotivated. I am getting lazy to do my revisions, I'm starting to procrastinate again. I'm starting back my infamous bad habits. Indeed, I'm not influenced by my classmates or so, I'm just being lazy. The fiery spirit is starting to alleviate, which is despairing. I do want to make a change in life, I want to be that particular person who succeeds...but why now? Why am I being this way? It's in between too early to give up and too far ahead to give in.