Mr. Paramour,

Memories and pain;

At times when I feel low, I'm always hoping for someone special to come to me and bring me chocolates. Luring me with his scent, coaxing me his stare and pamper me with his true love. The only turn on I have for a guy is for the eccentric scent they own and their visible looking jawlines. Not to forget the ones with braces. Wow, did I just make myself sound super demanding? I'm not. It's just my type. 

Looks does matter to girls, not exactly for me. All the guys I've been crushing on are probably the cute and smart looking ones. I don't fancy handsome looking guys, I'm more to the cutie kinda dude. As for myself, I am not the prettiest person in town. I have a lot to work on, physically. There is this particular guy in campus..he is wooing me but I find him annoying and I want him away. I've lost a massive interest for lads. I'm not sure why as well, but it just occurred. I do get green when my housemates receive midnight calls from their lovers, but a part of me didn't mind at all. I prefer the time to myself. Not sharing just writing. 

I'm missing someone, so badly.  He left a cut in my heart and I have no idea why it remains wounded. Honestly speaking I'm over him, but deep inside, I just want to text him and literally tell him how much I've been longing him. Nothing more, only a petty text shall do. However, due to my highly state ego, I will not text him. I feel like a fool whenever he replies, I feel vulnerable and fragile.

A petty love note to my past lover;

Thank you for the great time together, thanks for making me jizz in my pants being with you -x-