My ambition is to be,

Another love - Tom Odell

When I was younger, I started my life pretty much to myself. My parents are busy with work and not to forget my little brother and baby sister. I'm always left alone, I'm a loner. Hence I'm used to surviving. I've been through a lot of dull stuffs in life, but I'm still not a good liar, because I suck at lying but I'm good with sarcasm. Got it from my dad. I don't do drugs, I'm very boring and naive. Not that naive, I just don't do risks. 

I can't really recall my ambition back in kindergarten, but at the age of 8, I was really determined to be a business woman, simply because it was hard for me to get things I desire. The only way I see money to flow in easy is through business. Kept my dream till I'm 10, well it didn't last due to my kindness, I changed my mind. I wanted to be an English lecturer. I wanted to help others. 

To actually be a lecturer was indeed a wonderful occupation, my mom was boasting about it to everyone and how proud she will be if I could continue her dead thoughts on being a lecturer herself in her younger days. That time around, everyone came to me for help during our English lesson. Therefore, I realise that I fancy people and helping them elates me. I feel like I contributed something to the community. 

Aging up is confusing, at the age of 16...everything changed. To be frank, my life changed 360 degree at that particular year. Maybe just 180, I'm exaggerating. I became someone completely different from who I was before. My perspective on people change, it was a living transition. From an English lecturer, I changed my mind (again) and had decided to be a public relation. "Yes, people this is why I'm stuck in masscom simply because I love to meet new people, I love social interaction and this is me." I'm going to do it to outshine myself.  

Well, initially the main reason I quit my lecturer dream is because I don't think I can cope with students, I can't teach because I get infuriated easily and I don't think (as well) that I might be a good tutor? I do no fond reading and to actually be surrounded with grammars, literature and all those reading substances, sucks. However, dear new generation who is literally reading this...Mass Communication is a reading course. To make things clear, we have no tough calculation but keep your heads up because you will be doing a lot of reading. Honestly speaking from someone who hates books is currently a mild fan of reading herself. 

Bottom line, to succeed in life. To achieve those crazy living goals, you still have to read. The more you read, the more you gain the knowledge. There is no such thing as wasting time in studying. To actually get the opportunity to be in a educational surrounding is a gratitude to the Lord, so learn to give all it takes to continue your studies. It's worth it. I'm serious ( and I'm scarcely serious)