Shades of pain,

 A part of me is nothing but fragments,

 I just woke up and it's noon. My back is aching, my cheeks are getting chubbier and I don't feel like doing anything. I only desire a slice of cake topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I feel like having pasta as well, um maybe a roast beef sandwich from Subway or a pin of green tea ice cream from Baskin Robbins. I deadly miss home, phoned mom up last night and she was high as fuck, bummer. She gets cynical when she's happy. 

I have a stack of assignments waiting, however because it's a group work, I'm having trouble completing it. I am required to sit with my group members and discuss, unfortunate for me I fond doing things by my own. I prefer things to go my way, my rules and my bounds. My my my everything with a "my" on. 

Surviving college from a part one student: 

1) Always come to class before the lecturer does, once she/he is in, and you're're only downgrading yourself (unless you have a good excuse/reasonable) 

2) Examinations are mildly prominent, carry marks helps you the most! Even my lecturers have stated that being a part in class is better than easing your finals? By that it means, be an advocate in class, final papers are usually tough and extremely hard, hence just take part in class, enjoy the learning process and you'll eventually succeed. Sounds like bullshit but it works. 

3) Hunger. I think I've been hungry every night, it's a matter of having something to nibble. Thus, always get yourself a packet of biscuit or snacks supplies stocked in your drawer. 

4) Be the team player, there is no such thing as a lone ranger. To survive college, always get in the team and play along. Even though you might dislike some of them or the other way round, just go with the flow. That is how the world works (as I am told) Everyone is plastic.