Surviving Impromptus,

Greetings, sorry I've been away. I had a lot to catch up, especially on my assignments and my studies. Followed by the college activities, my week is hectic as ever (not really) Just made that up to make it sound dramatic. Well, the whole week has been dull. I reckon it as a lazy week, even skipped my translation class this morning. Simply because I don't feel like learning anything which involves translating yikes. I honestly lost interest for translation....trying to get the love back. 

College is so free, diploma to be exact. Plus, the homesick I'm facing is dragging me down under. I feel selfless, I don't feel like doing anything but just stay put in my room. Home is indeed a wonderful place, I can't imagine furthering my studies abroad. How am I going to survive (?) Putting that thought away, I still have another year or so to complete my diploma. Planning on to work for a couple years, and continue my degree. Get a house, a car, and maybe a husband at the age of 27. 

Okay, so I had my public speaking class yesterday..I was told to do an impromptu and guess what. I sucked, big time. Everything was on point to be frank, my outfit was in my liking, my make up was wondrously made. I was really happy for my make up, it doesn't always look good as much as yesterday. My scarf was perfectly done as well, to conclude everything was magnificent...except for my impromptu speech. Which bums me to the max, till now on. I'm devastated because it is being consulted and the result will be my carry marks for finals. Honestly speaking, impromptus are likely things I avoid in life, simply because I'm a well-planned person and I do things according to my game plans. I'm taught to be organized. Hence, I'm taking this opportunity to help you problematic guys out with impromptu speeches. Hope it helps! 
  1. Do not freak out; As for myself the moment I got my topic I was freaking out like hell on what to talk about. Calm down, take a deep breath and try to open your mind up. Freaking out will only make you worse and the worst part is, it destroys the whole speech. Trust me. 
  2. Time and points; An impromptu speech is supposedly to only be within 3 minutes. So, plan out your speech properly. Find reasonable points, but don't think too long. Say things that make sense. If you start mumbling, points will be deduct and eventually you will lose your audience's attention as well. I did mumble and I lost my audiences instantly. So, make sure you say things that doesn't sound dumb and worthless. 
  3. Introduction; At times when you're too focus at one thing, you tend to forget the other main elements in a speech. Take note, introductions are like open doors to the guests. I was too focused on my main points until I forgot to actually create a good intro and it killed my speech. Automatically my audiences were blur and lost. I can tell. 
  4. Eye contact; To make your speech better, try making eye contacts. I am a great deal when it comes to eye contacts because I feel like I am spiritually connected to that individual, so start making eye contacts, besides casting away the nervousness and fear, you will also gain more confidences by looking at people. I love eye contacts(!!) 
  5. Be educated; Impromptus aren't hard, but one only required general knowledge. To have something/idea to talk about is considered excellent. Make sure you have a key element to elaborate your speech such as the pros and cons, how to overcome it, detailed it. Speeches are subjective, just make it interesting. 
There you go, I hope these tips might help you people in the future. I fond public speaking, but impromptus are tough for me. Scripted speeches are likely things I'm glad to do. Everyone is different, however never put yourself down just for one silly downfall.