The Apple Of My Eye,


I had my march practice today and frankly speaking, I am not a fan of it. Marching sucks and I hate it!! Loathe it to be exact. It's not like I'm not giving in any effort but I am not a marcher? Marching is not my thing, I can stand the scorching heat but I just can't march. Can someone literally sign me out. I felt like giving up, it was a 2 hour hell for me, I wished I can just bail, but I can't. However, at the mid of the activity, I saw my so-called-crush at the event (?) It's not an event, more like a concrete activity basis every Tuesday. 

Speaking of him, since day 1 being here, my eyes were caught on this one particular lad (which is him) He was the first guy I find immensely attractive. He has the charm I've been looking for in a guy. Such a bummer till this point I have no specific reason to know him personally. I only know him by his name, nothing more. He is familiar around all events, so yeah. I've been observing him... 

So let me describe him, 

He is this incredibly lean guy, he is tall, and broad. He plays rugby, such a hunk. I feel like screaming whenever I see him play on the field. His figure awes me, he is physically beautiful, as what I've seen. He has this very deceiving smirk on his face that somehow turns me on. He's good looking in sense of his ferocious looking expression he owns. He is this kinda guy who doesn't smile. Howbeit, when he does, it's going to be a miracle. He's always alone, he has friends, but he's more like a survivor. I honestly fond guys like him. I can it the ''one of a kind'' I wish I could just walk towards him and have the courage to say hi. We've bumped into each other a couple times, but who am I to be noticed? I'm only Rose, Jack's part time lover. 

Seeing Mr. Hunk makes me exhilarated, unfortunately I'm invisible to his view. Maybe because I'm not pretty enough for his liking, or maybe because I just don't fit his standards in finding a girl. I do not hope for more, but to actually know him more would be wonderful! I'm honestly falling for him, hard.